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Weekly Question:  How… can you surround yourself with love?

Weekly Intention: Love

Daily Affirmation: I love…


“Surround yourself with love. Protect your heart with peace. Live your life in light.” – Alex Elle

This week’s question is “How… can you surround yourself with love, today?” 

So, let’s start with defining ‘surround…’

noun (verb)

1. (To create) Something all around (you); on all sides.

Ex: She said, “I love it!” She was surrounded by love.

Let’s continue by defining ‘love…’


1. A strong feeling of deep affection.

Click here: What is love?

How… can you surround yourself with love, today?

  • Surround yourself with people you love!
  • Surround yourself with things you love!
  • Mentally surround yourself with pink light! It works!
    Pink is the color of love…
  • Say to yourself, “I love that, or I love this…”
  • Say to yourself, “I love him, or I love her…”

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